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Become Certified Web and Mobile Internet Developer

Interested in obtaining a professional certification? Learn the skills and obtain a profession certificate. Start and advance your career to become an attractive employee for many companies looking for integrated software and knowledge development skills. Internet Technology School (ITS) or has employed experienced certified instructors, who actively contribute into development of the latest trends of information technology, described in our book ITS developed new personalized methods of teaching shared at Learn with us and join the exciting world of development and consulting

Sun Certified Instructor:

Java Programming Language
Migrating to OO Programming with Java Technology
Java Technology Architecture Planning and Design
Developing Wireless Applications Using WAP/WML
Java 2 Enterprise Edition Patterns
Enterprise Java Beans
Java Server Pages
Java 2 Platform Enterprise Architecture
Developing Java Servlets
Other Certifications:

Sun Certified Java Architect
Sun Certified Java Instructor
Sun Certified Java Programmer
Developing Java Card Applications
Cyc Corp. Certified in Ontology and Knowledge Engineering
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Geographical Information Systems with VISION Express
Geographic Macro Language
XVT for C++ Developers
Oracle RDBMS, Advanced SQL tuning
Critical Thinking Teaching Methods
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